Is love egoistic?

A: love is egoist,,
if not, that can’t be love . .

B: Cheer up friend! 🙂  In True love, “I” unexist.

A: yeah,
but it d0esn’t mean to the people who love or being loved, it means to the “love” itself . .

B: No, no, friend..
True Love, is heart connector that let the lover’s ego border fade away.
When love contaminated with ego, it’s called desire, clinging. =)

A: yeah, but if u really love someone, can u let her go easily?
don’t u want to hold her? asking her to not go anywhere and just stand by u’r side?
little ego needed in love . .

B:  🙂 Teen’s love is just the first step to the True love, friend..
It’s called teen’s love when you don’t wanna let them go (because YOU afraid of HURT).
It’s normal, but please never stay too long in that kind of love.

we must be adult some day, so, let’s learn about true love.

In true love, our concern is, the HAPPINESS of people we LOVED, not on OUR, anymore =)
It isn’t easy, but, that’s was what Nature wanna us to learn..
We’re delivered to this human body to learn, what is True Love..^^
Be patient, be warm egoless ..
it’ll let you understand True Love, which will lead you not only to life happiness, but also to The Great Wisdom (Maha Prajna)..^^
Keep ‘n spirit, friend!

A: so?
what do u think about it?
I’m childish to think like that, or not ??

B: No, no, Friend..
There’s no “childish” perception from Nature =)
It’s normal for us, the youth, to learn how to love..
just like baby, when he learn to walk, he will fall, stand up, fall, stand up..

Just walk on that as a life’s process, when you falling down, don’t regret too much.
Stay aware, heal your wound by forgiving and loving more^^
And, the most important is, not how many times you fall down,

but, how many times you stand up and walk toward,

and, dont’be afraid, just do it more carefully, to prevent falling down in the same way as before 🙂

So, I’m prefer “Normal Process” label than “Childish” label, for your condition, pals! J

yeah . .
thanks . .
for listening me, give some advices, make me learn and think so much about love . . .

u’r right when u say i’m hiding my feeling too much.

So when i can’t bear it anymore, I hit by great sadness and regret.

Thanks for your time and your willingness to share with me without judging me . . .

B: You’re welcome, always, friend..
be happy.


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